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Beautiful Anti-SJWs - Lauren Southern by brentcherry Beautiful Anti-SJWs - Lauren Southern :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 104 102 Canis Major, Canis Minor by Yutaan Canis Major, Canis Minor :iconyutaan:Yutaan 168 23
The Future of Mortal Kombat: Sub-Zero
For the second character I'll be covering, it's the second poster boy of the MK series. That's right. It's Sub-Zero. Come on, you all knew he'd be next.

Ideas for Role in Future Games: Behind the scenes sometime after he and his Lin Kuei warriors drove off Kotal Kahn's forces back to Outworld, Sub-Zero returns to the Lin Kuei Temple to "deal" with Frost, who had tried to prevent her teacher from making peace with Hanzo Hasashi (aka Scorpion). Kuai Liang must now teach her discipline. In addition, after Scorpion defects from Dark Raiden, Sub-Zero now join forces with Scorpion to form a Deadly Alliance in order to stop him.
Gameplay Ideas: I don't know any for this one. Though, one idea that comes to my head is a move where he makes an ice wall that he can push toward his opponent, much like Cold Man (Mega Man & Bass).
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Beautiful Anti-SJWs - Barbara4u2c by brentcherry Beautiful Anti-SJWs - Barbara4u2c :iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 97 58 .: The HecC-- :. by EmmazDogside .: The HecC-- :. :iconemmazdogside:EmmazDogside 9 21 Chibi Medusa #GorgonProblems by VanessasCustomArt Chibi Medusa #GorgonProblems :iconvanessascustomart:VanessasCustomArt 6 2
Reasons that Beywheelz SUCKS! (Part 1)
I don't feel like introducing myself today, gonna cut the fat and get right to it...
Ever since I was about 7 years old, I've been a massive fan of the Beyblade franchise, sure, it was cheesy as fuck, sure, it was another children's game show trying to leech off the popularity of Yu-Gi-Oh, and sure, it was basically Yu-Gi-Oh with tops... but the original show had charm to it, it had fun characters, unique battles and interesting ideas. I sunk so much of my life into the original show's first season that it's ridiculous. I adore the original show and the Metal Fight series that came out in 2009, and while Beyblade Burst had a horrible start with me, I'm actually starting to have some fun with it! All three Beyblade series have appealing aspects to them, and while all of them are cheesy and stupid. They're all perfectly enjoyable experiences...
But then along came a spinoff...
In 2012, during the era between Metal Fury and Shogun Steel, Hasbro
:iconblackmoonpaladin:BlackMoonPaladin 6 20
Uncharted vs. Tomb Raider games!
Check out the discussion between Anton Hill and I about the 2 franchises here:
:iconbrentcherry:brentcherry 1 4
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This is NOT how we run this country!
Seriously, an attempted political assassination against the Congressional Republicans?  I don't care who it turns out to be that did this, whether they were motivated by far left, far right, or just "I want my sick fifteen minutes of fame" beliefs--my point stands that this is NOT how we run this country.  This is just as disgusting as when Gabrielle Giffords was shot.
What happened to peace and dignity?  What happened to letting the democratic process work?  I don't give a damn what party you are; if this doesn't wake us up, I don't know what will.  We cannot afford to repeat 1968--and most of all we cannot repeat 1860.
Are we one country, or are we not, people?  Do we agree to solve our problems without threats and violence, or not?  I called in November for people to be dignified and peaceful, and obviously I am just a little nobody without much of a reach, but it breaks my heart and angers me nonetheless to see my worst expectations of humanity pr
:iconrensknight:RensKnight 3 0



So let me be honest with the whole thing about :iconthereviewer20:. I will agree that he was a little harsh with what a sad however other than that I don't really care. While I may not agree with the guy I can understand why he says them. frankly say he has the right to do it and if he gets criticism on it thats fine but it's not coming from me.
So here is my Q&A for hitting 25 watchers. Thank you all so much. I will also be giving an update at the end of this with my future on DeviantArt with me getting more active on YouTube.
Are you excited for the Nintendo switch?
Well I'm interested. Well I necessarily buy it not sure yet. Why can I have said before I will not make any promises until I know more about what the Xbox Scorpio was going to throw into the mix. I mean from what I've heard The Scorpio is going to be the most powerful of the new generation so I think it's fair to give the Scorpio a chance before I make any promises. All that I will tell you is I am not going to get the PS4 pro.
What did you think of season six overall?
I liked it. I do feel season five was a better overall season to be honest. However the season six didn't throw anything out that made the worst list and get did give me a couple new favorite episodes. However a lot of the season was more for me than anything else. If you work at my scores for each episode most of the episodes got either an eight or seven. My favorite episode of the season was as you probably know flutter brutter. Least favorite one is where the Apple lies.
Are you excited for season seven?
Sure it will give me a reason to turn on the TV again.
Are you a Pokémon fan?
Game wise yeah I haven't played any of the newest titles yet but I do mean to get around to it as I do have a Nintendo 3DS now. Sure why they think I've made my opinion clear how I feel about the show.
What do you think of me now?
I have no problem with you man. Why is there something you're not telling me?
If you were given a chance to voice act in a cartoon which one would it be?
I guess I wouldn't mind voice acting and say hot wheels battle force five.
How do we avoid social justice warriors?
You are asking the wrong person this question as I seek them out at this point. My best advice at the moment would be to stay off Tumblr. Outside of that though at this point there really is no avoiding them given that they are in the schools they are in the colleges there on TV and YouTube. So at this point there really isn't a way to void them. Best you can do is know what you think we able to see the flaws and what they're saying and be on your merry way. And as this is something recently coming up don't be afraid to defend yourself if they choose to physically attack you.
Which one of my OCs is your favorite?
Neo aspen
Favorite film?
Either Doctor Strange, captain America Civil War, Aladdin, or prince of Egypt
Favorite genre of music?
Anything that's not Justin Bieber
Any childhood crushes?
What do you think of me?
You're a fine person as far as I can tell. Sometimes I have noticed you do m sometimes say things without thinking about all the nuances that might go with what you're saying which is why I sometimes point them out to you. But now I have no real problem for you. Unless you're also not telling me something.
What would you consider the worst avengers earths mightiest heroes episode?
While I don't find it necessarily a bad episode by any means I guess the one that had the lowest impact was 459. It's not so much it was even a bad or lack luster episode it was just that compared to every other episode in the show it didn't hit quite as high marks for me.
Favorite breakfast
Waffles now let's see how many people I irritate with this answer
If I could cancel any show currently running which show would it be?
What I make anyone mad if I said Sailor Moon it in a joking manner. And all honesty though I really wouldn't ask for any show to be canceled. Because even if I dislike a show I know there's probably people out there that would be a little irritated if it got canceled so no I'm not really going to give you a serious answer to this.
In your own opinion what would you consider your worst quality?
I tend to be a little knee jerky sometimes where I say something without getting all the facts in which is something I need to work on. I also have a hard time talking to new people sometimes as I will say hi how are you and probably not be able to say anything else unless I see something that I want to talk about.
What is your favorite cartoon?
At the moment X-Men evolution has taken that spot
If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Probably I would enjoy going to see Britain or Italy
Are there any celebrities/Voice actors/famous people that inspire you?
I have lost any respect I have for celebrities and voice actors outside of their work due to their actions in the recent election. As for famous people I will have to say that I took some inspiration from stuttering soliloquy and if Shoeonhead on YouTube if that counts for famous people. One you might argue doesn't given she doesn't even have 200 subscribers.
Five favorite Cartoon characters
magneto from X-Men evolution, spectra and dan from Bakugan Battle brawlers new vestroya, Spiderman, and Iron Man and Hulk from avengers earths mightiest heroes
Five least favorite Cartoon characters
Robin from teen titans go, Brian from family guy, Patrick from SpongeBob, Cosmo from fairy odd parents, Babs from my little pony
Worst episode of a good cartoon?
One bad apple. It is an episode that gets worse the more I think about it.
If you could bring back any canceled or retired show which would it be.
Spiderman unlimited or avengers earths mightiest heroes
Favorite videogame
Right now it is still Europa universalis 4 although the game crusader kings two is giving it a run for it's money
Least favorite movie?
Do TV movies count because if so SpongeBob truth or square. Otherwise I'm gonna have to say Shark tale
What would your dream the job be
To be perfectly honest I have no problem where I am now so I don't really have a dream job at the moment.
Rather be too hot or too cold
As it is winter where I'm at right now I'm going to say too hot I bet if you ask me this again in the summer I will say the exact opposite?
So that is all the questions thank you all for participating. Now as you are aware I have started making videos on YouTube. And as such I have already said I am going to be devoting more of my time to that then DeviantArt. What I mean is that I won't be doing the journals as my much. I'm not going to stop doing status updates or leaving comments on things that I have something to say in relation to that. And when I say not doing my journals I mean not on a regular basis like they're not going to be an every week thing they'll probably come out when I have the time. Also one of the things I want to do with my YouTube Channelis find things I find cringy stuff on DeviantArt and kind of talk about them and laugh at them on there. If you guys know of anything that you can think of please point me to it and I'll include it in the video. So thank you for reading have a nice day and please flame responsibly.


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I had to block Steve Shives by myself. 
emperorvolcan Featured By Owner May 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Neat lol
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The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I just watched the Sargon of Akkad-Thomas Smith debate, and while Sargon did a good job, I feel he screwed up on one point...

While he did a good job debunking affirmative action, he did not call out Smith for presenting the topic in a way that was patently untrue! I can forgive him as a non-American who probably didn't know any better, but in a debate, you are supposed to call out inaccuracies as they happen to ensure people are playing by the rules.
emperorvolcan Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I haven't watched that debate yet. I have seen Steve shives reaction to it though
The-Doctor-W Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Long story short, Thomas wanted to say those who want affirmative action only want equality IN THE CASE OF AN ABSOLUTE TIE! 

Not only is that scenario nigh impossible, but we all know which groups specifically favor from all that. It got to the point where even SJWs and liberal advocates took note of how Asians got the shaft in Ivy League schools because of it. 

Sargon does debunk Thomas' point, but again, it would have been better if Thomas were called out for lying. 
emperorvolcan Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Fair enough
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